unreleased material
artwork by Stephane Lopez (

I've decided to try my best and release a couple unreleased songs that aren't making it to my first album.
for most of these, I've lost the original files from a computer crash in 2009, so the quality isn't the best it could be.
some of these have been on youtube for years, so I thought it's a good time to officially release them.
spread the word, do what you always do and give it a listen. thank you

track listing

1. the art of music (outro by Mark Meronek)
2. the sun is loud
3. recreating the sky
4. sky at night feat. asitaka
5. flattened world feat. Mark Meronek
6. sunflower (interlude)
7. lightspace (part 1)
8. august day song (nitsua mix)
9. coffee house no. 5
10. nocturnal

morning horizon / sunset
artwork by Takumi Koizumi
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nitsua feat. Shing02
cover by Shing02

{dedication} : Love Theory

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release - 5/19/2014

production by MKSB, Illoquence & Rythmatical, Mindfield, Marcus D & nitsua
artwork by Saori Yamada