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Item Code: VISE-d001
Format : digital
Label : visioneternal
Release : 07.22.2014

track listing

1. the art of music (outro by Mark Meronek)
2. the sun is loud
3. recreating the sky
4. sky at night feat. asitaka
5. flattened world feat. Mark Meronek
6. sunflower (interlude)
7. lightspace (part 1)
8. august day song (nitsua mix)
9. coffee house no. 5
10. nocturnal

Produced by nitsua
Mastered by nitsua
Piano by Mark Meronek on track 1 (outro),5
Lyrics by asitaka on track 4
jacket artwork by Stephane Lopez

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released in July 2014
includes songs only available on YouTube, or songs that aren't appearing on the debut nitsua album.

*digital only